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  At GreenField Feed NC, we offer a variety of low carbohydrate products that will help you meet your equine's nutritional and caloric needs without compromising his/her health.

Our warehouse is conveniently located in Union County allowing us to serve customers throughout Union, Cabarrus and Mecklenburg counties, as well as Ft. Mill and Indian Land.

We provide free phone and in-person consultation; as well as delivery from our warehouses to your barn.  We also have pickup direct from our warehouses by appointment.  Let us help you give your horse the proper nutritional foundation for his best health and your peace of mind.

  Anyone can sell horse feed.  What makes us different, aside from our outstanding products, is that our company's purpose is to help horse owners broaden their knowledge of the equine species, especially as it relates to nutrition.  There's a saying:   "you are what you eat."   Knowing what is the best diet for your horse (forage, forage and forage) and then supplementing it with a concentrated product that fills in the gaps of the forage will go a long way in keeping your equine partner healthy, strong and happy.

   Feeding from a 50-lb bag may make us feel good, and your horse may gobble it down, but is it best for your horse?  In most cases, the answer is - not likely.  Horses and other equines are built to graze about 18 hours a day. This means they should have access to pasture or hay all the time.  This is their natural (and should be their main) diet.  Sugars and starches, which are natural components of grass and hay, can be very troublesome, leading to such equine ills as founder, insulin resistance and metabolic disorders.  So it's important to recognize that adding more carbohydrates from a bag of feed may be doing your horse more harm than good.

"When I got back into horses 3 years ago, I was so pleased to discover that things had changed for the better.  I embraced natural horsemanship, and I tried to learn everything I could about the best care and nutrition for my horses.  I have three Morgans, who are all easy keepers--VERY easy keepers!  After trying several brands, it was still a struggle to keep them from being fat.  I had finally cut back my mare Candy's feed to a mere handful twice a day,  but I knew that this was not supplying her the required amounts of nutrients, as the recommended amount was several pounds."
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